‘Dünyanın En Mutlu Kirpisi’ Instagram Fenomeni Oldu

Sahibi tarafından fotoğrafları Instagramda paylaşılan ve Herbee adı verilen sevimli kirpi, 1.5 milyon takipçiye ulaştı.

Sahipleri tarafından dünyayı gezdirilen ve Instagramda sevimli fotoğrafları paylaşılan kirpi, dünyanın bir sonraki sosyal medya fenomeni olma yolunda emin adımlarla ilerliyor.

Şu an 1.5 milyon takipçisi olan Instagram hesabı, ilk başta Mr Pokee adlı kirpi ve sahibi Talitha Girnus’la başlamıştı. Ancak Mr Pokee’in ölümünün ardından Herbee onun yerini aldı.

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1000 Posts on Instagram!! Exciting News!! 🤩💛 . It all started with Pokee in June 2015. I started taking photos of the cutest moments of my life with Pokee so I would always remember them. And since he made me so happy, I figured that others would enjoy my pictures as well. I thought, even if just one person in this world would smile by looking at my pictures of him, my goal would be reached. And indeed, so many of you took your time to write long messages to me to tell me how Pokee would brighten up your darkest days. When I read those messages, it fills my heart with so much joy that I can’t put into words 🥺❤️ . I don’t just love taking photos of my hedgehogs, but I also love to share them with all of you. It makes me soooo happy to see you happy and smile! Some of you have asked me if I will change my username or make a new page for Herbee. The reason I will not do that is that it’s not about the hedgehog anymore. It’s about the story and the message ♡ Be happy and Smile ♡ and it all started with Pokee. This is my way of remembering and honoring Pokee. I found my passion though him, it all started with him. And I don’t know what the next chapters will be, but I do know that it all started with Pokee. In June 2015. 🦔
You can read the full story in our Story today! 💛 . Aaaaand that being said, I have some very very veryyyyy exciting news and I can’t wait to tell you VERY SOON!!! If you can’t wait, swipe and guess what it is!! 🥰

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